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multiple shapefiles from create random points

Question asked by gjesdahj on May 14, 2013
Latest reply on May 15, 2013 by gjesdahj
Hello, I'm trying to run a model that will make viewsheds for almost 4000 points and then make a table of areas in different land uses within each viewshed (each point is a row in this final table).  I have the model all built and working fine for one point, but I don't know how to "split" the rows of the input table into new shapefiles.  To start with I have a polygon file of lots and I want to assign a random point to each polygon.  However, when I tried to go into properties and change it to a list of values, the result was the same - lots of points within one shapefile, when what I want is almost 4000 shapefiles each containing one point.  I see two possible solutions to this: where I get the tool to recognize the shapefile as multiple inputs rather than 1 input, or where I first split the shapefile into 4000 shapefiles, then run the tool with a list input.  However, I think the list input only allows 50 inputs, so it seems like the first option would be the way.

Sorry if this is an obvious question (or conversely impossible to understand), I'm fairly new to model builder.

Jacob Gjesdahl