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Unable to create Simple Map Viewer app

Question asked by gyetmanesri-ca-esridist Employee on May 14, 2013
Latest reply on May 14, 2013 by gyetmanesri-ca-esridist

I'm trying to preview or create an application using the Simple Map Viewer template. I'm logged in to my organizational subscription account as a user with the publishing role. Whenever I try and preview the viewer from a map I get the error:

"Unable to create map: You do not have permissions to access this resource or perform this operation."

If I publish instead of previewing the map, it is created but when I try and view it I only see a blank web page. I have tried publishing from a map with a tile package, and one with a feature service, both with the same result.

I can preview and publish using the same maps and other templates, such as the One Pane template and the Legend template.

Is this a bug? Any suggestions?