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Server Object Extension: read configurations at runtime

Question asked by on May 13, 2013
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I have a question very similar to this post:

my project has a requirement for the client to change some configuration values whenever they want. so we need to put these in a separate file, and make SOE read these values on-the-fly instead of compiling them together.

is there anybody who has a good way to make this happen?

i am wondering, if have a separate config file in the same folder as of deployed soe file then in development using current path to read config file, will this work?

not sure the way how SOE works. will the AGS host machine keep a copy of SOE file after user uploaded it via AGS manager? if this is the case, I may put the config file there.

but where to find this soe file at ArcGIS server machine? from Esri reference, it says "When you finish these steps, the .soe file is uploaded into the server system directory and the SOEs contained in the file are registered with the ArcGIS Server site.". which system directory is here?

sorry if any of above doesn't make sense. and appreciate any help!