click event on map in add-in

Discussion created by nqazi on May 13, 2013
I am using c# and ARCOBJECT SDK10.1 to create add-ins . I have  used dockwindow and activate it on a tool  using the following code. Please note that while creating the project in visual studion 2010 i chosed tool and dockable window in Add-type. it generated two  classes 1.DockableWindow1.cs and 2.Tool.cs  I used following code in the activate event of the tool.cs. I also have used a label control on the dockwindow class and also set its modifiers property to public. Now I want to access this label from the handle returned as result of ArcMap.DockableWindowManager.GetDockableWindow(dockWinID); but i do nt find any way to access it. but i do nt find this in the returned handle, all i can use is just Showmethod. i need help please.

  protected override void OnActivate()
            UID dockWinID = new UIDClass();
            dockWinID.Value = ThisAddIn.IDs.DockableWindow1;
            IDockableWindow dockWindow = ArcMap.DockableWindowManager.GetDockableWindow(dockWinID);

How can  i access the public member funtions of the  dockable window
2, how can i access the click event on the map , as tool class just offer mouseup, mousedown mouse move event. is there any other way of getting click even on map.