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I have added a proxy URL to the simple viewer template, but still can't see my services. I was on chat with an ESRI analyst for over an hour this morning, but still could not get it resolved. We verified the token by pasting this syntax in a browser:
http://<server>/arcgis/rest/services/publicAGS/trafficStatus/MapServer?token=_?????????? and it worked.

I still havent heard back from the Analyst, so I thought I would try to forum. BTW, Im using JSON for the map layers instead of webID.

The only thing that shows is the world street map from arcgis online. Firebug gives this error error

Error: Token Required
[Break On This Error] 

... the page to get source for:

this is what we added in the index.html of the template:

//specify a proxy url if needed
      proxyurl :"http://<server>/proxypage_net/proxy.ashx"

Has anyone run into this issue? Or have any ideas what I might be doing wrong?