python toolbox "no syntax errors" yet non-functional

Discussion created by kass3 on May 8, 2013
Latest reply on May 15, 2013 by kass3
I make many small changes to the code in my Python Toolbox on a daily basis, and therefore often refresh the toolbox to solidify the changes before running the tool. Usually when I have a syntax error, I am notified when I right-click of the location of the error. However, and I've noticed this a number of times, the message will be "no syntax errors" while the red X remains. In these cases, I am forced to find the part of the code ArcGIS doesn't like. This error does not always translate to a Python syntax error, so compiling to find errors quickly does not work all the time. If a red X is present and my tool is not accessible, the Python Toolbox should be able to notify me where the error is all the time. Has anyone else found this issue?