Workspace Extension to make table invisible to user

Discussion created by snaperski on May 7, 2013
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We have growing need to implement a scenario where user can't see specific table in a workspace, but  - via our Arcmap class library - is able to insert rows to the table; that is done programmatically and is generally unobservable process to the user. 

Firstly - is it possible to do so?

Secondly, it seems that the proper solution would be to build workspace extension by using PrivateDatesetNames property.
But I have problem defining a suitable ENUMBSTR class for that (in VB.NET). This one  is what I have:
Public NotInheritable Class MyEnumBSTR
    Implements IEnumBSTR
    Private _index As Integer = 0
    Private _strings As New List(Of String)()
    Private Const S_FALSE As Integer = 1

    Public Sub Add(ByVal strVal As String)
    End Sub
    Public Sub New(ByVal tbls As String())
        For Each str As String In tbls

    End Sub
    Public Sub Reset() Implements IEnumBSTR.Reset
        _index = 0
    End Sub
    Public Function [Next]() As String Implements IEnumBSTR.Next
        If _index > _strings.Count Or _index < 1 Then
            [Next] = ""
            [Next] = _strings.Item(_index)
            _index = _index + 1
        End If
    End Function
End Class

...and  property in my extension class:
    Public ReadOnly Property PrivateDatasetNames(ByVal datasetType As esriDatasetType) As IEnumBSTR _
    Implements IWorkspaceExtension.PrivateDatasetNames, IWorkspaceExtension2.PrivateDatasetNames
            Dim hiddenTables() As String = New String() {"table1"}
            Dim enumBSTR As IEnumBSTR = CType(New MyEnumBSTR(hiddenTables), IEnumBSTR)
            Return enumBSTR
        End Get
    End Property

Now, I have made sure that this extension is really registered for a certain .gdb geodatabase and even MyEnumBSTR.Add method has been called... but I still can see that table in ArcCatalog and in ArcMap.

Is there something that I have somehow looked over?

Best regards,
Raivo Alla,
Estonian Land Board