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simple Raster Calculator question

Question asked by dschatt on May 1, 2013
Latest reply on May 2, 2013 by csny490
hi, I'm completely new to Python and I'm just trying to run a basic Raster Calculator operation, just pulling out cells below a certain elevation.   The code appears to run just fine but in my output, all the cells have a zero value, i.e. there are no cells with a value of "1" that satisfy the selection.  I know this is not the case.  Just trying to figure out what's wrong.  Really appreciate any's my code:

>>> import arcpy >>> from arcpy import env >>> from import * >>> arcpy.CheckOutExtension("Spatial") >>> env.workspace = "c:/stuff/SeaLevelRiseAdaptation/10YearStepRasters/Hampton" >>> env.cellSize = 3.28 >>> env.extent = "MyElevation" >>> env.mask = "MyElevation" >>>"MyElevation" < 2.22,"C:/stuff/SeaLevelRiseAdaptation/10YearStepRasters/Hampton/Highest/2052_zone1") <geoprocessing server result object object at 0x257BFF20>

Thanks much!