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Problem with reading NetCDF file

Question asked by Dolichonyx on Apr 26, 2013
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I am working with the Make NetCDF Feature Layer (Multidimension) tool with Python.  I can get it to work properly outside of Python (but have a lot of data to process, so doing it manually is not really an option).

I am having a problem with entering the {row_dimension}.  I need to enter two dimensions, "lat" and "lon", but I can't get it to accept a list.  It will accept either variable alone and not give an error message, but if I try to enter a list, I get the following error message:
ExecuteError: Failed to execute. Parameters are not valid.
ERROR 000237: One or more dimensions are invalid
ERROR 000237: One or more dimensions are invalid
Failed to execute (MakeNetCDFFeatureLayer).

The help file suggests that a list would be the input?  Is there something obvious that I am missing, or is this a bug?

I have also tried using the raster tool, but receive an error message that my data have irregular spacing and that I need to use the make feature layer tool and interpolate.

A simplified version of my code is below:
#Import arcpy import arcpy  #Set up paths bpath = "C:\\docs\\Work\\historical_climate\\ESRL\\" dpath = bpath + "ncfiles\\" vpath = bpath + "vector\\"  #Set up file names ncfile = dpath + "" nclyr = "nclyr" ncfilout = vpath + "test.shp"  #Set up inputs for NetCDF to Feature layer variable = ["air","time"] x_variable = "lon" y_variable = "lat"  #THIS IS THE PROBLEM. x_variable alone works (but does not give the needed output). [x_variable] does not. This apparently can't take a list. row_dimension = [x_variable,y_variable]    arcpy.MakeNetCDFFeatureLayer_md (ncfile, variable, x_variable, y_variable, nclyr, row_dimension) arcpy.CopyFeatures_management (nclyr, ncfilout)