how to create a 2D cross section in arcgis10 with a raster data map

Discussion created by littleboko on Apr 22, 2013
Hi everybody,

I am totally new to arcgis and this is what I've done to create a 2D cross section using a raster data map (elevation map):

1. Create a new shape file (polyline) using arc catalog
2. then, Make a raster out of the line

In ArcToolbox, �??> Conversion Tools �??> To Raster �??> Polyline to Raster
3. Step 3:  Make points out of every cell in the raster

In ArcToolbox, �??> Conversion Tools �??> From Raster �??> Raster to Point
Step 4:  Get elevation values for the points (add to attribute table)

ArcToolbox �??> Spatial Analyst Tools �??> Extraction �??> Extract Values to Points

Step 5:  Get X,Y coordinates for the points (also add to attribute table)

XToolsPro �??> Table Operations �??> Add X,Y,Z coordinates

I found this instruction on internet and I did exactly the same (I dont really understand why we have to convert polyline into raster then raster to point)..then I obtain an attribute table with X,Y and raster value (elevation)
Then I exported the data in the table into .dbf file then tried to open it in Exel (in order to plot the cross section into some kind of graph) but I couldn't manage it. The .dbf file does not contain the value like in the attribute table I saw in arcGIS, i dont understand why?

AND I dont understand this method that I've used also, if anybody knows, please explain to me if the method is right or not? or is this any other method which is more simple to create the cross section in my case. (
Thanks so much.