[.Net] How to find GIS diff after one way replication?

Discussion created by gmontgomery on Apr 12, 2013
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The scenario is I have a one way replication from one ArcSDE to another. I would like to run a daily task that will look into the target ArcSDE with ArcObjects and find what is new since the last sync and then run business logic on that set of data.

My understanding was that replication was bult on versioning and that each sync would create a new version. I already have plenty of sample code on how to get the diff between two versions.  But what I have found is that on the target SDE the default version gets updated inline. There is not a new version created.

After much searching it looks like the ReplicationDataChanges or DataChanges classes might be what I am looking for but I have not been able to find much detail on usage or example data.

1. Am I on the correct path for what I want to do?
2. Can you point me toward any sample code?

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