Shapefile based Network Dataset - Display and Lock

Discussion created by sanjayrana on Apr 11, 2013
Hi Everyone,

I am able to succesfully create a network dataset (NDS) from a shapefile programmatically. But, for some reasons when I add the NDS as network layer to a map programmatically, the map remains blank although the layer is listed in the ArcMap TOC, and shows all the properties of the NDS. What might I be doing incorrectly here? The code is pretty simple as shown below.

                INetworkLayer networkLayer = new NetworkLayerClass();
                networkLayer.NetworkDataset = networkDataset;
                ILayer layer = (ILayer) networkLayer;
                layer.Name = "Network Dataset";
                IMxDocument mxDocument = ArcMap.Application.Document as IMxDocument;                

However, it displays fine when I add it from the ArcCatalog TOC, which leads me to the second question. The NDS doesn't automatically appear in the ArcCatalog TOC initially on creation  so I have to manually refresh the TOC. Also, I am unable to delete the NDS in ArcCatalog due to some schema lock error. I get the lock error even when I do not try to add the layer to the map. Is there a way to release the lock?