Standalone Python script to Read MDB on a Server?

Discussion created by kfolger on Apr 11, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2013 by kfolger
I've got a python script that reads a table in Access and does a Make XY Event Theme, copies data and creates an SDE layer. I'm trying to get it to run in the SQL Server Jobs agent on a schedule.  The script works on my desktop, both in ArcCatalog and stand-alone IDLE.  However, I'm trying to run it on a server where there is no Access install (Server 2008 R2). 

I've tried making an ODBC connection file and using the connection file in python which only partly works.   The data copies OK to SDE on the server if I run the script in ArcCatalog. 

If I run on the server using python.exe in SQL server job agent, the job bombs because it can't find the Access table.  Same as when I try to run with IDLE.  Weird. 

Is there a way to code the connection to the mdb in python so that it knows about the mdb?  Otherwise we could install Access on the server, not my favorite idea.

All using ArcGIS 10.1