SDE Feature Class Fields are null

Discussion created by ldcarto on Apr 11, 2013
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I am having a weird issue with some fields in a SDE feature class version 9.3.1.  I needed to add some new fields to an existing feature class, so I deleted the old feature class in ArcCatalog and imported the new feature class from a personal geodatabase.  The strange thing about it is that all of the new fields that I added are coming through as null values for every record even though there are values in the personal geodatabase.  It seems as if, even though I deleted the original feature class, Arccatalog has a memory of what fields were there.  It recognizes all the data from the fields that were there previously, but any of the new fields are given null values across the board. 
Has anyone seen this behavior?  Do you have any ideas of how to fix it? 
I could import the geodatabase with a new feature class name, but then I would have to redirect many layer files and other connections and I would prefer to avoid that if at all possible. 
The personal geodatabase was created in Arccatalog.  I run a process in Access every night to populate the fields and that process does work correctly.  Somehow in the process to update the feature class, something goes wrong.   The fields don't even come over into ArcGIS in the correct order.  It moves the new fields to the very end of the list even though they are located throughout the assortment of fields. 
There are map services pointing to the feature class and we did have to turn those off to be able to delete the old feature class and import the new.  I am not sure if that has some affect as I have never run into this before and I have been managing SDE data for years and many of the feature classes I have managed have the same set-up (initially created from an Arccatalog personal geodatabase, and fields populated through Access).  I have never encountered this before. 

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

Lisa Dygert