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Switch button Script

Question asked by Lukaszczar on Apr 5, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2013 by Lukaszczar
Hi Matthias,

I am trying to create 3 maps with 3 different dates, as I would switch the years I would like to make those maps to change, It looks like the script  they used in "Paris" where changing the years was changing the facades of the buildings.
I am not a programmist so I have no idea how to create it, I started with something like that:

@Range (1,3)
attr Map = 1

Lot--> Map
      case Map == 1 i("1.png")
      case Map == 2 i("2.png")
      case Map == 3 i("3.png")

Is it possible to have the Switch Button in Web Scene? like the one with a Time->shadows