ArcGIS Server 10.1 on Ubuntu Server

Discussion created by gtraber on Mar 30, 2013
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I know Ubuntu Linux is not on the official list of supporting operating systems, but I have gotten it to work in serval cases and it does show up on the amazon cloud.  However, I can only get it to work with the ubuntu-desktop package installed (regardless of having started from the desktop or server version of the os).  The install and startup processes of ArcGIS server work regardless, but unless the ubuntu-desktop package is installed when I go to create a site I get this error after the site creation wizard:

Failed to create the site. Failed to create the service "System/CachingTools.GPServer"

Once I run apt-get install ubuntu-desktop, the wizard runs fine and creates the site (the site then works as expected).  ubuntu-desktop installs a ton of other packages.  Does anyone have any idea what package(s) arcgis is dependent on here so that I need not install the whole desktop system?

Here is a list of packages that ubuntu desktop installs:

PS.  I have found that I needed to install xvfb before the service would even run, but that does not solve the site creation problem which must be dependent on one of these ubuntu-desktop packages.