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Merge multiple RasterDataset

Question asked by oyleiste on Mar 28, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2013 by oyleiste

I can get Linear Line of Sight from a single DTED file; which had beed opened by:
IWorkspaceFactory wsf = new RasterWorkspaceFactoryClass(); IRasterWorkspace rasterWS = (IRasterWorkspace)wsf.OpenFromFile(foldername, 0); IRasterDataset rasterDS = rasterWS.OpenRasterDataset("n42.dt0"); //DTED Level 0 file

Single DTED file means that both observer and target are in the DTED file's area.

Well, the problem occurs when I load more than one DTED files and want to use these functions:
IRaster raster = rasterDS.CreateDefaultRaster(); RasterSurfaceClass rsc = new RasterSurfaceClass(); rsc.PutRaster(raster); [INDENT]rsc.GetElevation(point);[/INDENT] [INDENT]rsc.GetLineOfSight(blah, blah, blah);

If observer is in a DTED file and target is in another DTED file, GetLineOfSight function fails obviously.
How can I merge two RasterDataset to give rsc.PutRaster() function one single raster?
How can I put more than one raster in RasterSurfaceClass?

Thank you