MultipleRingBuffer_analysis bug

Discussion created by percyd on Mar 26, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2014 by ccain31
I spent a bunch of time making sure this was reproducible in 10.1 SP1...

when I use the NONE option for dissolve option in the arcpy.MultipleRingBuffer_analysis I get the following error:
ExecuteError: ERROR 000466: C:\Documents and Settings\bjpd\Local Settings\Temp\scratch.gdb\buffer20 does not match the schema of target C:/projects/CEE/PerturbationProcessDataset\OHAS_Household_subset_buf2.shp
Failed to execute (Append).

Failed to execute (MultipleRingBuffer).

when I run it with the ALL dissolve option, it works just fine.

code example:
distances[0] = 100
distances[1] = 300
bufferUnit = "feet"

arcpy.MultipleRingBuffer_analysis(inFeatures, outFeatureClass, distances, bufferUnit,"","NONE")

If anyone has a workaround, I will be very appreciative!!!