Table Data Not Displaying in Simple Map Viewer

Discussion created by bharen on Mar 23, 2013
This has been an intermittent issue for us but now that we've got users specifically asking for table views it's becoming more serious.

We are having trouble getting table data to appear using the 'Show Table' feature in the layer properties dialog within the ArcGIS Online simple map viewer.  The problems are hard to pin down but seem to be related changing any attributes of the feature service and saving them using the 'Save Item Properties' dialog.  If I do not save the item properties (example - changes to symbology, field names set in pop-ups, etc.) then the data in the fields will display using the 'Show Table' feature.  When I do save the item properties the field data will no longer populate.  The field window header shows that it's found the data, but none of the data in the attribute columns display.

I'd like to get this addressed so we can get consistent behavior across all of our applications.

You can view the 'offending' web application here: