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Updating Custom Metadata Elements using Python automation. Export & Import Metadata

Question asked by kamkashem on Mar 22, 2013
Latest reply on May 13, 2014 by Caleb1987
Hi Guys,

I have recently been researching the topic of python and metadata.

Currently in our organisation we hold a mix of metadata elements from both FGDC and ISO, as well as a few custom elements we wanted to record such as copyright statements. We have a website that contains all the elements together in a nice form based view.

We have FME (Feature Manipulation Engine) models set up to update feature classes automatically however we want to be able to also automate the metadata update. Namely being the 'Last Updated' date element in our metadata

I have noticed that the arcpy.ExportMetadata_conversion tool is restricted to translating in a set format rather than exporting all elements recorded.

My question to you is:
Is there any way in Python to export a specific XML element from an SDE feature class, possibly export it into a temporary XML file then update the value of the element in question, then import it back into the SDE feature class?

Thank you!