SOE Property Page - Persistence of Property Values (textboxes initialization)

Discussion created by omar.ajlouny on Mar 21, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2016 by Yue_Wu-esristaff
In ArgGIS for Server 10.1, Manager automatically generates a default "property page" for our SOE properties. This is great! However when I:

  1. activate the SOE for some service;

  2. fill in values of the SOE properties;

  3. Save & Restart the service; and then

  4. come back to view/edit that service's SOE properties,

I would expect/wish to see the current values in the controls.

This is not the case, it rather takes the default values (on each time) regardless of the current values. This is frustrating for administrators as they can't see if the values are properly set, neither can they just see what the current values are.

If somebody from ESRI believes it is a bug (or a worth while improvement), please log it as such. I'm now looking for a workaround.

I tried to achieve my goal with a custom property page for manager. I created one following the SDK provided sample and it is working but behaves like the default one in terms of controls' initialization. I could not find documentation, or samples further than that sample.

Before we migrate to 10.1, we used a custom property page (in ArcGIS 10) with C# (server-side) code to fetch the current values and properly initialize the controls. But manager is now, HTML and JavaScript (dojo). Any ideas on how initialize the textboxes with their current property values?

Capabilities/Allowed Operations
In addition, the Capabilities section is gone when implementing a custom property page. In the SDK sample, "Config.js" has a variable
_capabilities: null

What value should this variable have in order to re-introduce the capabilities? I tried a string like "GetInfo,ShowMetadata" (which are the names of my capabilities) and still I got nothing.