Every Service is a new connection to Database - running out of connections

Discussion created by LuciH on Mar 21, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2013 by tcontreras-esristaff

I guess this is by design in 10.1  Every published service on my Server is a connection to my SQL database.  With the default maximum connections being 64, I soon ran out of connections.  I increased that amount to 200 using the SDE command line interface and have not had the "no available connections" error anymore.  Just wondering how many connections is too many?

Also, we have 1 Windows 2008 R2 server with SQL 2008 R2, Esri Server 10.1 and Web Adaptor installed.  (SDE is not installed - all connections are direct).  For production we have a SQL GDB that is maintained by 1 GDB Admin and 3 GDB Editors.  The SQL GDB is then replicated to another SQL GDB on the same SQL server and between 50 and 100 users view that replicated data using our Flex Viewer app.

So, I guess my question is which of the following scenarious is better or are they equivalent?

65 mxd's published as a Service to Server and making 65 connections to replicated GDB


1 mxd that contains same data as in the 65 mxd's published as a Service to Server and making 1 connection to replicated GDB

I am still a tad confused when it comes to the difference between Pooling - Number of Instances  AND  Processes - Run instances in High or Low isolation and how many instances.

Anyone have any thoughts?