Need GPS capability with my WPF / Bing Map windows form

Discussion created by bh0526 on Mar 20, 2013

I have a simple WPF form with a Bing Map control.  I read thru the customer table in my SQL database and use the SOAP GeoCode web service to get the latitude and longitude and then plot pushpins accordingly.  I also use the SOAP Route web service to get directions for each leg of the my route.  This application runs on a Microsoft Surface Pro.  This all works fine.

I would now like to integrate this with some kind of GPS capability.  I would like to be able to show a line that displays as the driver moves along his route.  It would also show where he is at any given time.  Voice commands would be nice too if possible.

I know nothing about GPS.  I'm new to WPF as well.  I have only done web development prior to this.  So I was wondering if any of the ArcGIS products would do what I am looking for.  Any help is appreciated!