Python Map Page Size

Discussion created by gelwoodvnc on Mar 19, 2013
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Can we set, and change, an .mxd page size using Python?

I've seen several posts that all say no, but am hoping that some adept Python user has figured out how to do this (without using ArcObjects).

We've got some large-size wall maps to make (largest is 96"x54") and would like to make some custom, table-top prints as working maps and for review (20"x20", ANSI-D, etc.). Some of the sizes and layouts may be changed, so being able to automate adding layers to data frames in multiple sizes may prove helpful.

I've looked in to trying to run some trick Data Driven Pages scripts, as in "We're making a map book but every page is a different size and we don't know what all the sizes are going to be, yet" but the Python/page-size issue is kind of a road block.

It seems that using AcroRd32.exe in Python is heading in the right direction, but I'm a novice at Python and could use a code sample if someone has one. Or point me to a Code Gallery that may have one I could look at. this something that Python in ArcGIS will never, ever do? (If so, then I'll just go back to defining every page size in an .mxd first and then using srcipting to work with the data frames and layers).