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Discussion created by susana.mironesri-es-esridist Employee on Mar 19, 2013
Hello everyone,

we are developing an android application using ArcGIS Runtime SDK for android.

We have an ArcGIS Server Map service (10.1 release) with Feature Service Capability activated, we are using ArcSDE enterprise Geodatabase (10.1 release) to store our information that has attachments enabled and we need show this attachments into our application.

We are trying develop this functionality using AttachmentManager class, but when we run downloadAttachment method, neither execute onAttachmentDownloaded event nor onAttachmentDownloadFailed event are triggered.

This is the correct way to implement it? We have observed that ArcGISFeatureLayer class have retrieveAttachment(int objectId, int attachmentId) method but we are not sure what is best option or if are there any difference.

Thank you so much in advance