Memory usage for ArcMap - System.OutOfMemoryException //c#

Discussion created by mdruzgala on Mar 19, 2013
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Hi the problem is common as far as I know from reading post from this and other forums(memory usage for arcgis).
I'm developing a add-in for ArcMap that checks electricity flow in Geometric Network. I've created a loop for over 14 000 start points for my analysis. I'm using Utility Network Analyst and the FindFlowElements method, the algorithm is preety simple:
1. Get Geometric Network IDs for starting point(FCID, FID, subID)
2. Configure Geometric Network
3. FindFlowElements -> as a result i get junctionEIDs and edgeEIDs
4. Create selection from the result
5. Analyze the selection
6. Log info
7. Clearing the result
8. Clearing the flags for network utility
9. Clearing the selection for map
10. Partial refresh
11. Marshal.FinalReleaseComObject(traceFlowSolver); // testing it because of the out of memory exception
and again from the point 1 for next point.

So when we tested this we encountered a lot of errors. I have the log info we are writing to txt file it will be easier to illustrate the problem with example:
INFO 2013-03-19 12:56:12,302 â?? Called FindFlowElements method 1374 time(s)
Number of objects in List<T> SN = 1316, memory usage = 0,06808 MB
Number of objects in List<T> nN = 10068, memory usage = 0,43913 MB
Station number 7545
Process name: ArcMap -> memory use 834,5586 MB || GC TotalMemory -> 80,0527 MB
Processes list:
IEXPLORE ||memory use-> 31,6836 MB
FSM32 ||memory use-> 15,6992 MB
SVCHOST ||memory use-> 26,4336 MB
EXPLORER ||memory use-> 85,4766 MB
SMSVCHOST ||memory use-> 37,5313 MB
DSTERMSERV ||memory use-> 27,0664 MB
FSSM32 ||memory use-> 167,2422 MB
SVCHOST ||memory use-> 48,6758 MB
SVCHOST ||memory use-> 82,5117 MB
FSHDLL32 ||memory use-> 52,4531 MB
BCU ||memory use-> 85,0273 MB
ORACLE ||memory use-> 771,1250 MB
SPLWOW64 ||memory use-> 15,6484 MB
IEXPLORE ||memory use-> 15,7031 MB
ARCMAP ||memory use-> 964,2070 MB
SEARCHINDEXER ||memory use-> 50,6445 MB
TNSLSNR ||memory use-> 36,6602 MB
WINWORD ||memory use-> 22,3398 MB
FSGK32 ||memory use-> 15,4453 MB
SOFFICE.BIN ||memory use-> 16,2188 MB
AUDIODG ||memory use-> 18,5859 MB
IEXPLORE ||memory use-> 19,3359 MB
SPOOLSV ||memory use-> 17,4063 MB
WMPNETWK ||memory use-> 30,1172 MB
SVCHOST ||memory use-> 29,7500 MB
SVCHOST ||memory use-> 234,8750 MB
DWM ||memory use-> 45,6406 MB
SVCHOST ||memory use-> 25,8594 MB
Memory usage sum = 2911,0120 MB

INFO 2013-03-19 12:56:14,954 â?? Called FindFlowElements method 1375 times
Number of objects in List<T> SN = 1316, memory usage = 0,06808 MB
Number of objects in List<T> nN = 10072, memory use = 0,43931 MB
Station number 7397
Process name: ArcMap -> memory use 838,7539 MB || GC TotalMemory -> 84,8050 MB
Processes list:
Memory usage sum = 2899,1410 MB

The FindFlowElementos method was called 1375 times(14 000 expected...) and ArcMap already uses ~840 MB(when it reaches ~2GB arcmap throws an error) of memory and it's growing with every iteration. Sometimes it drops with few MB but no to often so i will propably have to do the cleaning manually, but the question is how?

I will explain now how i calculated/got the memory usage:
1.For ArcMap:

private const float mbyte = 1048576;
Process proc = Process.GetCurrentProcess();
string privMemSize = (proc.PrivateMemorySize64 / mbyte).ToString("0.0000");

2.For Garbage Collector:

string gcTotalMem = (GC.GetTotalMemory(false) / mbyte).ToString("0.0000");

3.Memory usage for Lists<T> I'm calculating with method I took from StackExchange:

private static string GetObjectSize(object TestObject)
  BinaryFormatter bf = new BinaryFormatter();
  MemoryStream ms = new MemoryStream();
  byte[] Array;
  bf.Serialize(ms, TestObject);
  Array = ms.ToArray();
  return ((float)Array.Length / mbyte).ToString("0.00000");
catch (Exception ex)
   +ex.Message + "\n" + ex.StackTrace + "\n"
   + "========================================================================\n");
  return "error";

The question is how I can handle the increasing memory usage for ArcMap.exe? Anyone got idea?