Problem running Python Toolbox with 64-bit Background Geoprocessing

Discussion created by kass3 on Mar 18, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2013 by kass3
Hello all. I have been experiencing consistent crashes trying to process large datasets (>100,000 features) with my custom python toolbox tools, which I believe to be a memory issue, as smaller datasets run smoothly. I know about the potentials using <multiprocess> and <subprocess>, etc., but the implementation seems too tedious, and wanted to see if 64-bit background geoprocessing would process these large datasets. After installing and assigning the new 64-bit paths to my PYTHONPATH, I found that all my tools crash immediately without an explanation. Looking at the sparse documentation, it appears that tools will not function if they call third-party modules, or use tools from a list of specific ArcGIS toolboxes. None of my tools do either of these things, but they do import custom modules that I wrote which use only native arcpy and Python mods. Are you similarly unable to import other custom modules (i.e. scripts), or is something other than third-party mods or blacklisted tools crashing my toolbox? If importing other scripts is not allowed, is the recommendation to throw all your functions into the toolbox? I was avoiding doing this, as it makes the code unreadable.