adding maplayer with different spatial reference from basemaplayer

Discussion created by marxonline on Mar 18, 2013
Hi guys,

I need to handle different map layers with different spatial references. When I add a maplayer with different spacial reference (102100 bing map layer) to my mapview I get the error LAYER_LOADING_FAILED with error code (-4010 = spacial ref related error)

So I'm thinking its because base layer spatial ref is different than 102100. How do I fix this ?

I read in silverlight forum that you can removeAll layers in mapview & setExtent to null will make it possible to add a maplayer with a difference  spatial ref. but its not seem to work in android. What should I do ? Any help is appreciated.

mapView.addLayer(new BingMapsLayer("MY_API_KEY", BingMapsLayer.MapStyle.AERIAL_WITH_LABELS,true));

will give error for OnStatusChangedListener()