Using a single machine in multiple clusters

Discussion created by s.kuensteresri-de-esridist Employee on Mar 14, 2013
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Hi all,

I'm wondering why it's impossible to use a registered machine in multiple clusters.

Here is where I come from:
I'm running an ArcGIS Server site (10.1.1) with two machines (GIS A, GIS B). After joining the site both GIS A and GIS B are running within 'default' cluster. Now I want to build two clusters: first cluster (1) should use GIS A and GIS B but second cluster (2) should only use GIS B. The reason is that I want to separate between "high available" (cluster 1) and "normal" (cluster 2) services. Services running within cluster 1 should run even if one of the machines becomes unavailable, but services in cluster 2 are less important and thus it wouldn't be a problem if they became unavailable. The advantage of this scenario is that I would save resources on GIS A because services running in cluster 2 wouldn't use CPU, RAM and disk space of GIS A as they are not published on GIS A.

In a second step one could imagine to restrict user access within the AGS security not only by groups but also by certain clusters, e.g. restrict one to only be able to use services hosted within cluster 2.

How would you implement this scenario right now and why is this functionality not implemented yet? Maybe there are good reasons and I'm missing something?

I'd find it very useful to have this functionality. What do you think?

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