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Output file using Export Web map - Security concerns

Question asked by mike.robb on Mar 12, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2013 by mike.robb
Hi everyone,

My concern is when passing the JSON to a customized Export Print GP Service (created and running on ArcServer), the output Param given is always the same overall file name.
In this case: _ags_0e39f550422945438fa0de5c6e211bae

e.g. :
h ttp://xxxx/arcgis/rest/directories/arcgisoutput/xxxxx/ExportWebMap_GPServer/_ags_0e39f550422945438fa0de5c6e211bae.pdf

If you let the 10min clean up to occur, the next time the service is called, the SAME AGS file name is created and returned.
If you send JSON to the service again.. it simply increments.

h ttp://xxxx/arcgis/rest/directories/arcgisoutput/xxxxx/ExportWebMap_GPServer/_ags_0e39f550422945438fa0de5c6e211bae1.pdf

If you change format... same thing again.

h ttp://xxxx/arcgis/rest/directories/arcgisoutput/xxxxx/ExportWebMap_GPServer/_ags_0e39f550422945438fa0de5c6e211bae.jpg

Is there any way to ensure these file names are unique? (e.g. random generated)

There would be nothing stopping a user from entering the same value and watch the various maps being exported as the name is not a random generated file name.
I dont understand why the file names are not unique, other than ease for cleanup on server side.

Any option to change this is welcome!