Import arcpy modules into Jython

Discussion created by mbalxnder on Mar 8, 2013
I have a 3rd party scheduling application that my company bought and would like me to try to use for my Python scripts, SQL tasks, jobs, etc. It appears to be Java based and although they claim it can run Python scripts, they based it off of Jython. I downloaded the Jython module, but cannot figure out how to import the arcpy module along with a few others for logging. Has anyone done this and/or can anyone provide some guidance?

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Modules importing:
from __future__ import absolute_import
import arcpy, arcgisscripting, smtplib, sys, os, traceback, time, datetime, logging, logging.handlers, win32api, win32com.client
from email.MIMEMultipart import MIMEMultipart
from email.MIMEBase import MIMEBase
from email.MIMEText import MIMEText
from email.Utils import COMMASPACE, formatdate
from email import Encoders
from time import strftime