Memory spikes an bloats while adding empty AGSGraphic layers

Discussion created by humzarr on Mar 7, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2013 by njarecha-esristaff

I am making a simple GIS app using 10.1.1 SDK and in the start of my code I just load a webmap and add 3 *empty* graphic layers and 1 sketch  layer. However due to this addition in the beginning, the live bytes jump 15-20mb per layer added to the map in the beginning and then remain this way and dont come down if I remove these layers.

I am running on a non retina iPad 3.  I wonder that this might cause rejection of my app from apple store as the total live bytes if all layers are active at a single time come up to around 80mb. Is this an issue with the SDK as I am only adding AGSGraphic layers and not doing any complex computing.

The code for addition looks like
- (void)didOpenWebMap: (AGSWebMap*)webMap intoMapView: (AGSMapView *)mapView
    if(self.sketchLayer ==nil)
    self.sketchLayer = [AGSSketchGraphicsLayer graphicsLayer];
    self.sketchLayer.geometry = [[AGSMutablePolyline alloc] initWithSpatialReference:self.mapView.spatialReference];
    [self.mapView addMapLayer:self.sketchLayer withName:@"Sketch layer"];
    if(self.graphicsLayer ==nil)
    self.graphicsLayer = [AGSGraphicsLayer graphicsLayer];
    [self.mapView addMapLayer:self.graphicsLayer withName:@"Graphics Layer"];


    if(self.graphicsLayerdraw == nil)
    self.graphicsLayerdraw = [AGSGraphicsLayer graphicsLayer];
    [self.mapView addMapLayer:self.graphicsLayerdraw withName:@"Graphics Layer Draw"];


If any one can comment on why this memory bloat is occurring just by adding these empty layers then I would be grateful