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Python script runs in 10 but not 10.1 - using .odc connection

Question asked by nhuggins on Mar 7, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2014 by curtvprice
I currently have a script that pulls information from a Microsoft SQL Server Table View and exports it to a file geodatabase using an .odc connection. This script will run fine in version 10.0, but will error out using version 10.1. Giving the error message ERROR 000732: ... does not exist or is not supported. The strange thing is that I can build a model in ArcCatalog that will run successfully, then export that model to python, and that script will fail. So basically the geoprocessing tool will run with ArcCatalog open, but not as a python script.

Has ESRI changed something with regards to using .odc connections and MS SQL Server Views?? Or does anyone have a workaround? Below is some example code. Again runs fine in 10 but not in 10.1.

# Local variables: dbo_cosSewerManholes = "Database Connections\\Han8Live.odc\\dbo.cosSewerManholes" Infor_gdb = "D:\\Temp\\Infor.gdb"  # Process: Table to Table arcpy.TableToTable_conversion(dbo_cosSewerManholes, Infor_gdb, "manholes_view") print "done"