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Discussion created by cdebruin on Mar 4, 2013
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Hello all,

This seems like such a simple task. I've been unable to create polygons programmatically.
My basic goals are:

  • Draw a polygon with a visual representation as it's being drawn

  • Be able to pan/zoom with mouse center button is clicked or scrolled

  • Be able to programmatically add/edit/delete vertices

The ESRI Help doesn't seem to work I've tried multiple other ways of doing it:
I can successfully make polygons from Rubberband.TrackNew, but I have no control with this method. I need to be able to pan the screen in between plunking down vertices. Rubberband.TrackNew doesn't allow for any kind of clicking outside of creating new vertices or double clicking to finish the sketch. You can't even click a new tool in ArcMap. It just treats it as a new click. The Draw Polygon ArcGIS Snippet has the same behavior.
The ArcGIS Snippet Create Polygon from Points that uses a GeometryBridge and a PointCollection doesn't show any visible representation of the polygon as it's being drawn.
I haven't gotten as far as Add/Edit/Delete vertices yet. If you have a resource for these types of operations, it'd be helpful.

I'm lost in the woods. I must be missing something about how to interrupt the drawing/tracking functions to pan/zoom the map. I appreciate any help. Has anyone dealt with these kinds of operations before? Are there some API Objects I should take a second look at?

Thank you for your time,
Corbin de Bruin