Append Tool Error Using REST SubmitJob

Discussion created by andrewbrown on Jun 9, 2010
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Is there any reason whey a toolbox/arcpy script would work fine when "Right Clicked, Open" from inside ArcCatalog, but when using the "SubmitJob" link after being published to AGS10/REST it fails on the append. 

"Everyone" has read access to the FILE GeoDatabase input dataset and I am using the same sde connection for both.
Here is the output from the REST submit job function.

Messages from REST execution
esriJobMessageTypeInformative: Submitted.
esriJobMessageTypeInformative: Executing...
esriJobMessageTypeInformative: Executing (UpdateRoads): UpdateRoads
esriJobMessageTypeInformative: Running script UpdateRoads...
esriJobMessageTypeInformative: Deleting features.
esriJobMessageTypeInformative: Done Deleting.
esriJobMessageTypeInformative: Appending features.
esriJobMessageTypeInformative: Failed to execute. Parameters are not valid. ERROR 000338: Inputs must be either all Feature Classes, Tables or Rasters; not mixed. Failed to execute (Append).
esriJobMessageTypeInformative: Completed script UpdateRoads...
esriJobMessageTypeInformative: Succeeded at Wed Jun 09 12:43:54 2010 (Elapsed Time: 1 minutes 2 seconds)
esriJobMessageTypeInformative: Succeeded.

Here are the messages running the same exact toolbox/script from AGS10

Executing: UpdateRoads
Running script UpdateRoads...
Deleting features.
Done Deleting.
Appending features.
Done appending.
Completed script UpdateRoads...
Succeeded at Wed Jun 09 13:14:36 2010 (Elapsed Time: 1 minutes 3 seconds)

The data actually loads doing it the second way.