Kernel Density Question (ArcMap 10)/Distance Between Consecutive Points

Discussion created by ths018 on Feb 26, 2013
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Hey All,

I'm currently trying to run a Kernel Density Estimate for point data obtained by satellite telemetry tracking of an animal. We have a system for doing this in ArcMap 9.3 but as this program and the others we use to do the analysis become more antiquated my boss has charged me with trying to get it done in 10.  One of the very first problems I'm running into seems relatively simple, however, I can't figure it out.

Before I can perform the Kernel Density Estimate, the data needs to speed filtered. The original data file that I have projected in ArcMap has only the lat, lon, time, date, and uid as attributes in chronological order. To do the speed filtering I need to calculate the distance between consecutive points then using this and the times calculate a rough estimate of speed.  To calculate the distance in the past we used ArcView 3.3 with the Animal Movement Extension provided by USGS.  However, I am wondering if there is an easier way to do this without those software?

Thank you very much in advance!