Arcpy Python ID autocomplete

Discussion created by tkellymc on Feb 25, 2013
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Hello Everyone,
Recently I've been attempting to automate certain processes using python. The python command line in 10.1 has a very robust auto complete feature that automatically shows specific layers and auto completes certain arcpy geoprocessing tools from a list upon my  selection. 
As I am new to the incorporation of python into arcgis and not the language itself I was curious whether any IDE's exist that have a similar auto complete function that would streamline the process of automation. I've tried pythonwin and IDLE and although both load the arcpy module without difficulty they do not auto complete geoprocesses which is a bit of a inconvenience or look at the mxd that I am working on and allow the direct implementation of layers.  Obviously I am a stranger to this, and I would appreciate any advice or clarification offered.

Thanks for the help