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Utilizing Web Adapter generates HTTP error 404

Question asked by bkgis on Feb 22, 2013
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Hello everyone.

I saw that someone had a similar problem to mine, and posted a similar question that I will back last July (  I did not seem like it was ever resolved, so I am posting/asking again.

Some info first:

- server: MS Server 2012 Standard
- IIS 8.0
- ArcGIS server 10.1 (have not installed SP1 yet) on default port 6080
- web adapter installed successfully and matched with GIS server. (name: arcgiswa)
- everything is installed on one machine (i.e. both web server and arcgis server)
- the server is behind a university firewall, but does have port 80 opened to it (i.e. you can visit a default page at http://<ip_address> or http://<fqdn> just fine)

So once everything is completed, I follow the link presented to make sure the web adapter is routing traffic to the Services directory.  This url is of the form - http://<machine-name>//arcgiswa/rest/services  (<machine-name> has been tried with the following variables, which are all really the same machine:  "localhost", the actual windows machine name, the IP address of the machine, a FQDN).  All attempts of accessing the ArcGIS services page, and consequently, utilizing the ArcGIS Flex application that will be deployed on the server, lead to a "HTTP Error 404 - Not Found" message. Note, I am not trying to "administer" the ArcGIS server (that is only done via the 'Manager' page or direct connections to port 6080 via ArcCatalog).

So, whenever I try to access the ArcGIS server through the default port 80, which is the function of the web adapter, it acts like it is trying to load a page that isn't there.  Is there something I need to do with the "Default Document" settings under the 'arcgiswa' virtual site in IIS, or perhaps the 'web adapter' folder listed there too?  I see that under the 'web adapter' folder there are some files called "Config.aspx", "Error.aspx" and "Update.aspx", but I don't think those are files I need to worry about for the general function of the web adapter.

Thanks for any and all help and your time on this.  I would rather not have to expose the ArcGIS server directly to the outside world for use of our simulation application.  That also entails increased bureaucratic paperwork and time to get that port opened through the firewall.