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Locating/Centering a form in an Add-In

Question asked by hylndr on Feb 19, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2013 by kenbuja
Hello All,
     I'm sure this one's been covered, but for the life of me, i can't find a solution in either the forum or the docs :confused: ...
I'm building an Add-In in Visual BASIC for a Desktop environment (Arcmap 10.1).  I have a simple tool that the user selects a feature, and then I want a simple form to come up to show some attributes and other things...  This is not a dockable window or anything like that, just a simple form...  I am trying to bring up a custom form after the user "Uses/clicks" my Add-In tool... I can presenty get the form to come up, that's NO problem...  It's the location of that form that's causing me grief :mad:. I am trying to center the form on the ArcMap application window...  NO GO! I can't figure out a way of getting the form to come up over/centered on the ArcMap application.  This is particularly important when the user has multiple monitors and has ArcMap on the second or beyond monitor...   Is there a way of getting the desktop (Windows Desktop) location of the running ArcMap application and using that to locate said form???  I'm pretty sure this should be an easy one to solve,, just pulling my hair out trying to figure out! :(  I'm figuring I should start with My.ArcMap.( something goes here :))

Thanks in Advance,
Slightly Frustrated,

Kevin Orcutt