MapView ExtentChanging callback?  What's the Android equivalent?

Discussion created by jm-ami on Feb 15, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2013 by jm-ami
I'm trying to draw various items ontop of a MapView, and due to having to use Mono we're currently unable to use classes like PolyLine to render on a graphics layer (the polyline class is simply missing, due to an incomplete wrapping of the API)

What I'd like is some way to know when to redraw my canvas containing paths and icons based on when the map moves.  I'm currently using "OnPanListener" and "OnZoomListener", but neither of these handle map inertia after the touch motion is complete.

The .NET ARCGIS has the "ExtentChanging" event, and I'm hoping the Android version has an equivalent.   Being able to disable map inertia would also be a workable solution, as then I could simply use the touch events to do all the transformations.