ArcMap 10.1 crashes when using labelling classes with Maplex

Discussion created by boston1685 on Feb 15, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2013 by KevinBellSLC
I just upgraded to 10.1 SP1 a few days ago and am having label issues with an mxd that originated in 10.0.  In 10.0, I had setup the mxd to use to use 14 different labelling classes for a street centerline feature class.  I could go from page to page in DDP and not have any problems and exporting all pages was a breeze.  Now when my DDP comes to a page that encounters one of these labelling classes (or a mix), it crashes.  Label queries and all Maplex settings were unchanged when going from 10.0 to 10.1.  I have tried Repair Geometry and exported the street centerline to a shp but that didn't work. 

When I put the dataset into a new mxd I noticed that the labels showed up and didn't crash right away.  However, that was because I had change the Label Engine from Standard to Maplex.  Then I had to set the Placement Properties for Maplex - here are the settings as they were in 10.0:

-Street Placement
-Position: Center Curved
-Stack Label off
-Overrun feature on - 16 pts
-Remove duplicates on - 7 inches
-Feature weight 750

I noticed there is a new option under Label Density called Connect Features, which is checked, but it is disabled.  I'm not sure if this affects anything.

Any thoughts?

Thank you!