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Need more information on MOLE & Military Analyst for ArcGIS Engine for Java

Question asked by jjoalland13 on Feb 15, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2013 by sli-esristaff
I've read all king of ESRI documentation about MOLE and Military Analyst, but especially for v10.1, I'm little bit confuse.
I understood that these 2 librairies/API are now included in Defense Solution for ArcGIS Engine, but documentation is not clear from my point of view.

ArcGIS Defenses Solutions ( shows a table where ArcGIS Engine only support "ArcGIS Military Analyst API", but not "MOLE" (page 3).
in ArcObjects for Java 10.0 javadoc, there is the package "com.esri.arcgis.defensesolutions", but it's not available in 10.1 javadoc (

Could you please point me to the precise documentation to understand what it is possible to do regarding Military Analyst and MOLE with ArcGIS Engine for Java ? (especially symbologies, DTED analysis).

(I'm also looking for equivalent possibilities for ArcGIS Runtime for Java 10.1, but it seems it's reduce to use symbologies through Message Processor only... but it's another subject)

Thanks for any help