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How to clear the Python Window within ArcMap (v10)?

Question asked by mlu_lb on Feb 15, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2013 by mlu_lb
as I need a lot of experimentng while trying to get some code to work, I always use the history in the python window (hitting "UP-Arrow" on the keyboad to recall the latest code back into the window). If I do it very often I experienced the console to get quite slow in its reaction. When I worked on some code (few months ago) I found a way to clear/reset the python window within ArcMap rather than restarting ArcMap at all.

Now I can not recall how I did it? Neither can't find any hint on Google. I'm even not quite sure whether I typed in an command or clicked on something within a menu. But I'm quite sure that if I typed in some code it's certain that it only had been a short command/single word.

Anybody can help myself with that? Thanks in advance.