Edit Non-Spatial SDE Table

Discussion created by mbalwanz on Feb 14, 2013
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I have a stand alone non-spatial table in SDE and registered as versioned that I am having issues trying to edit.  I have published this table as part of a feature service.

I was trying to do some editing for this service through the updateFeature rest end point, but no matter how I formatted the input I always got the same error. "Invalid Graphic features"  I have never tried to edit a non-spatial table this way before so I am not sure if I was entering the info correctly. 

Here is what entered in the "Features" box at the updateFeature rest end point.
[{"geometry":{null},"attributes":{"OBJECTID": 1,"SurveyorID": 14,"SpecificDate": "11/16/1874","Book": 
"A","PageNum": 29,"DocLink": "BKA029.pdf","SurveyNum": 32,"Section": 29,"Township": 34,"Range": 28,
"EstimatedDate": "N/A","CntyRemarks": "Test"})]

Any suggestions or info would be greatly appreciated.