Python not responding

Discussion created by msknowles on Feb 13, 2013
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I have a co-worker that is running a Python script that continually quits responding (i.e., Task Manager shows that Python is Not Responding).  The script takes a NetCDF file and creates rasters for future analysis and when it quits responding it is at random rasters within the NetCDF file  (occurs in both PythonWin and IDLE).  We have run this same script/data on another "identical" PC (i.e., same make/model, RAM, and processing speed) as well as my PC (same make/different model, RAM, processing speed) and it successfully runs.  This implies, along with the random locations where the script quits responding, that the problem is not with the script or the data. 

Does anyone have any thoughts on what might be causing Python to quit responding?  We have gone so far as to remove the PC from our network, disable the anti-virus (from workstation aml days), no other programs running.

Running ArcGIS 10.0, Python 2.6.5 on Windows XP.