Configuring ArcGIS 10.1 developer workstation for Linux...

Discussion created by zborowskib on Feb 11, 2013
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Hi Guys,

I have some general questions on how to install ArcGIS products for a developer workstation and on Linux (Centos 6.3).  Our organization will execute geospatial applications and services using:

ArcGIS Server (java)
  map services
  image services

Custom Geospatial Applications
  SOE (java)

And, in the future, potential utilizing ArcGIS runtime.

I have installed and configured ArcGIS for Server 10.1 SP1 fairly easily, but I'm not trying to add the arcobjects stuff to Eclipse and can't find the plugin nor the arcobjects.jar anywhere.  How do I get this?  What do I need?

For some reason, the installer scripts work randomly with different products.  For example, I can install Server and runtime perfectly but cannot install the Engine DevKit (which I assume I need to gain access to the arcobjects.jar and the Eclipse plugins).  I get the following error:

Preparing to install...
Extracting the JRE from the installer archive...
Unpacking the JRE...
Extracting the installation resources from the installer archive...
Configuring the installer for this system's environment...

Launching installer...

Graphical installers are not supported by the VM. The console mode will be used instead...


Installer User Interface Mode Not Supported

The installer cannot run in this UI mode. To specify the interface mode, use the -i command-line option, followed by the UI mode identifier. The valid UI modes identifiers are GUI, Console, and Silent.


What do I need to develop SOE's on server?  In 931 all this stuff came pre-packaged.