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Data Driven Pages- Grouping features

Question asked by dcummings0928 on Feb 11, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2013 by pmcatnip
I am trying to create a map book in ArcGIS 10 using the Data Driven Pages tool but I am having some trouble. I have the state (Florida) broken up into seven different regions and I want to make it so that each page in the map book displays 1 of the 7 regions. I can't figure out how create pages based on certain features though. I know you can create a grid and overlay that on top of the state but then it just creates a page for every single grid square. Is there a way where I can combine all the grids that make up Region 1 or can you tell each page to display certain counties or certain features? I just need 7 pages with each page focusing on 1 of the 7 regions? Can you guys help me with this?