REST Find Task Does Not Always Find With Empty Search Fields

Discussion created by rcoodey on Feb 7, 2013
On the REST endpoint I open up the "Find" operation for a MapServer service.  I put in the "Search Text" of "6" and for "Layers" specify "4".  I hit "Find (GET)" and receive "No results found".  I know this layer has a feature with a 6 in some of the fields, so I then add one of the field names to "Search Fields"... It finds all three features I was expecting then.  According to the documentation, if "Search Fields" is blank it will search all.  Now this is not always the case though, If I remove the "Search Fields" and search for text such as "BP" then it finds that in some of the string fields.

Is this a known bug?  Something to do with searching Double fields?  Any workarounds short of adding all the fields to the "Search Fields" list?

Thanks a lot!