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Invert method problem

Question asked by babakkasraie on Feb 5, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2013 by babakkasraie
Hi Experts

I try to write some codes to hide unselected features in my map. I have written some part of it. The first part of the codes must find selected features. This part works as follows.

 def button3Click(self, selection):         index = self.listbox.curselection()                        label = self.listbox.get(index)           # Local variables:         layer = label          # describe the feature layer to access the the selected set         desc = arcpy.Describe(layer)          # FIDSet will contain the selected features         selectedFids = desc.FIDSet                   # If there are selectedFids (a selection set), write them to a new feature         # class in the current workspace.         if len(selectedFids) > 0:

In the other part I need to invert to find those features which are unselected. The method that I write for it doesn't work.

                       queryList = selectedFids.replace(';', ',') 

Would you help me with this method.

Best regards