iOS App feature attachment upload

Discussion created by cphillips25 on Feb 5, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2013 by vksunga
We have an iPad application that allows a user to attach multiple photos to a point feature then submit the data to an ArcGIS 10.1 feature server.  This issue we are running into is when the user has more than one photo attached not all the photos are successfully upload to the service.  For example we attach 10 photos to one point feature, submit the data and only 8 of the 10 photos successfully upload.  Looking at the code through fiddler we see the photos that don't make it throw this error "Lock request conflicts with an established lock [sde.DEFAULT]???.  We tested the app against a 10.0 feature service and the all the photos successfully save every time.

We are using ArcGIS iOS SDK 2.3.2 with an AGS 10.1 feature service(attachments enabled) created from a 10.0 sde feature.  Any help would be appreciated.